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Unspoken - A Mimosa After Dark story

So how does this differ from the Mimosa Tales stories?

I'm glad you asked. While Mimosa Tales caters to a general audience, the short stories of the Mimosa After Dark series will be mature. In other words, erotica.

Yep, this is a chance to see what happens after the 'Curtains are Drawn' as Dame Barbara Cartland once said. The books are a bit pricier because the ten pounds of chocolate it takes to write these things (ladies, you'll get what I mean) don't pay for themselves.

The stories reflected in Mimosa After Dark, can sometimes exist as its own thing separate from the main series, or they can be expansions on existing scenes. Whatever their purpose, rest assured I will write them so no one has to buy another book to understand what is happening.

Of course if it generates your interest in reading the main series, I won't be disappointed

Chocolate does not pay for itself.

UNSPOKEN will be available on Amazon from tomorrow.

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