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The Mimosa Tales are here!

Welcome to Mimosa, the setting of my new series set in the Old West. Follow Marshall Kris Jensen and his deputies, as they fight of land grabbing cattle-barons, outlaws and bandits, as well as the odd Indian attack. Sometimes, their adventures might even be out of this world...

THE HANGING  (Mimosa Tales Book 1)

Struggling to survive in the savage land of the Territory, Mimosa is beset by dangers common to the harsh realities of the Old West.

Former gunslinger turned marshal, Kris Jensen arrives in town with his band of misfits, to defend Mimosa from greedy land barons, outlaws and Indians angered by broken treaties. It is an unlikely place to find salvation, but that is precisely what Kris and his men discover in Mimosa. When local cattle baron William Cahill swears revenge on Judge Evan Davis for the execution of his nephew, it sets off a deadly plan of vengeance against the judge

and those he loves. It is up to Kris and his misfits to keep Holly Davis, the beautiful editor of the Mimosa Mirror, from harm before Cahill can put a noose around her neck.   Available on E -Book and Paperback

THE FAITHFUL (Mimosa Tales Book 2) When Raymond Peabody of the Land Office comes to Mimosa seeking Winn Turner's help to locate a a wagon trail of homesteaders missing deep in the heart of Apache country, Kris Jensen the lawmen set out of an errand of mercy to find them before it's too late. Yet as they travel deep into the wilderness where even the Apache will not walk, Kris and Winn discover there is something terrifying lying in wait for them.   As the lawmen come face to face with the monstrous evil lurking in the shadows of Owl Canoyon, they are soon in a fight for their lives with an enemy who has been hungry for a very long time... Available on E-Book and Paperback 

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