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Readers' Favorite Book Review - The Patient

★★★★★ - The Patient is a work of fiction in the urban fantasy, magical realism, and adventure sub-genres, and was penned by author Linda Thackeray.

The first novel in the Beyond the Veil series, this engrossing work focuses on psychiatrist Dan Ellis, who treats the ills of a homeless man and sparks a journey into a past he could never have imagined existed. Meanwhile, forces for both good and evil infiltrate the human world, and slowly the magical underbelly of life is revealed, trailing back hundreds of years to a time when a great elven magician was lost to an evil that may still be prevalent today. Author Linda Thackeray has crafted a truly unique work of fantasy fiction that elevates the genre with its complex plot and imaginative storytelling. Thackeray writes with a real cinematic sense of timing and scene-play, one which creates atmosphere and dynamism in her writing and brings each moment fully to life for the reader to devour and enjoy. Dan makes a great central foil for the action and mystery, and I loved the layers of psychological thriller woven into the fantasy adventure plot, which elevated both genres to form something new and brilliant. The dialogue too was a triumph, with wry nods and smooth lines that bring a grin to your face, but also some very harrowing and realistic moments that balance the drama with the danger. Overall, I would highly recommend The Patient for fantasy fans looking for something a little more serious and a lot more satisfying." Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

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