• Linda Thackeray

NEW RELEASE - THE PATIENT (10th July 2020)

They say that a long time ago when elves and wizards existed, the land was ruled by kings. Heroic warriors roamed about, protecting the people from evil. These were said to be just stories, just tales told to young children to make them believe in magic.

Dr. Dan Ellis does not believe in magic.

When Dan is called on to treat an amnesiac patient named Moses, things start to change for Dan. Moses constantly refers to him as War Dragon, a clear sign of his delusion, according to Dan. But when he meets John Malcolm, a tycoon who is determined to gain possession of Moses, Dan discovers that there’s more to Malcolm than meets the eye. In fact, he is a dark lord from ancient times, one that was resurrected.

Dan, with the help of a trio of elven brothers and Detective Anna McCaughley, start a quest to defeat John Malcolm before he can re-establish his kingdom of darkness in the modern world. Along the way, Dan finds out about his own past, and how his destiny is entwined with others.

A sequel to the Legend of Avalyne series.

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