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Advanced Review Copies of Freedom - Book 4 of the Mimosa Tales

The next instalment of the Mimosa Tales series 'Freedom' will be released on the 28th September 2020.

To generate some reviews at publication, I have created an ARC (Advanced Review Copies) page on Booksprout for those who would like to download and read. I only ask you to leave me a review if you do. It is available in Epub, Mobi and PDF.

No one is obligated to leave a review but it would be nice.

These are the penultimate drafts of the book, the final edited version will be available on release.

1870’s New Mexico Territory is a dangerous place but not as dangerous as the slaves of Eden, held captive on a remote plantation, unaware the war is over or the Emancipation Proclamation granting them freedom.

Having left his gunslinger past behind him to uphold the law, Kris Jensen is now the leader of an eclectic group of lawmen who patrol the town of Mimosa in 1870’s New Mexico Territory. Together with a lady’s man, a former bounty hunter, a gambler, a seasoned scholar, and an eager-to-learn young greenhorn, Kris spends his days defending Mimosa from corrupt ranchers, outlaws and enemies who threaten the peaceful community.

In the latest instalment, following the novella Reckoning, a black teenager is found by Mimosa doctor Alexandra Styles, half-dead and exhausted after an unforgiving trek across the desert. The boy named Philly claims to have escaped the plantation of Eden where he and his mother, along with 30 others are still slaves, more than a decade after the end of the Civil War.

Kept isolated and ignorant about their rights, Philly relates a tale of horrific captivity that strikes at the heart of Sam Rainey, friend to the lawmen and occasional deputy. Determined to liberate the camp and its people at all costs, Kris Jensen and his men ride out to Eden, determined to stop Sam before he gets himself killed on a crusade of self-righteous fury, while at the same time freeing a people who have been kept slaves for years longer than they had to be.

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