The Hanging

"This isn't over." Cahill hissed, but his tone conveyed surrender in every sense of the word. He was trying not to look at Carlton, trying not to let his nephew's cries for help provoke him into a making a fatal mistake he could not win. Perhaps Cahill had always known it, but he had to try, and his failure turned anguish into hatred, hatred at the men and the Judge who forced him into this position. "You're going to pay for what you made me do today. You, your men and the Judge!"


Welcome to Mimosa.

Struggling to survive in the savage land of the Territory, Mimosa is beset by dangers common to the harsh realities of the Old West.

When former gunslinger turned marshal, Kris Jensen arrives in town with his band of misfits, it is up to them to defend Mimosa from greedy land barons, outlaws and Indians angered by broken treaties.

It is an unlikely place to find salvation, but that is precisely what Kris and his men discover in Mimosa.

When local cattle baron William Cahill swears revenge on Judge Evan Davis for the execution of his nephew, it sets off a deadly plan of vengeance against the judge and those he loves.

It is up to Kris and his misfits to keep Holly Davis, the beautiful editor of the Mimosa Mirror, from harm before Cahill can put a noose around her neck.

The Faithful

"Well, she's the greatest pig alive. About a month ago, she saved my wife and kids and me from our burning house by waking us up in the middle of the night just in time to escape without any harm! She's like one of the family. A couple of weeks ago, our youngest fell into the river, and the pig dang fished him out just in time to save him from drowning! She's one of a kind."

"Okay," the travelling salesman accepted the accomplishment of this particular porcine but hadn't had his question answered. "But that don't explain what happened to her legs?"

"Well now," the farmer declared. "When you got a pig that great, you don't eat her all at once."


These are the words ringing in Marshal Kris Jensens's mind when he and the lawmen of Mimosa, led by Winn Tuner follow the trail of missing homesteaders, thought to be lost deep in Apache Country.


Driven to the ominous Owl Valley where not even the Apache dare walk, they discover the homesteaders may have met a fate worse than death by a monstrous evil festering within its deepest reaches.

Now it's up to Kris and his men to reach civilisation and warn everyone, that what lies in Owl Canyon has been there for almost 300 years and is hungry...


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